Architecting a Life

Beau Taplin is one of my favorite poets. He is piercingly poignant, his poems are raw and honest and inspire me to dig deep in self reflection. His poem The Architect below, got me thinking about my future:

Trusting in the universe means placing trust in yourself.

It is determining now in this moment

to fight on the side of your future,

to face all that has been holding you back

from claiming the life you desire.

Trusting in the universe does not mean leaving

your fate to change or the passage of time,

it is the faith that you have within you the capacity

to improve your own circumstances,

it is the promise that you will

one day meet your true potential,

it is the understanding that you alone are the architect

of the universe you inhabit,

and you are limited only by your imagination

Beau Taplin - The Architect

It is easy for us to look around and see only the restrictions that surround us. Jobs, bosses, rent/mortgage, bills, student loans, family, friends, expectations - both our own and those of society. When I read the poem above, I feel empowered. When I strip away the actuality of my life and focus on the future state of what I desire my life to be, when I really root into trusting myself and the freedom that is possible, I feel invincible, truly limited only by my imagination. The challenge is to keep hold of that feeling. Fear creeps in like water rising in a flood as the realities of life take hold. I resolve to focus on the faith my myself, that I have everything I need inside myself to achieve everything I want to achieve. This is my new mantra. I am the architect of my life. Get ready world!


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