Attitude Adjustment

I don't feel like I am my age and honestly, I just don't accept the number. I don't accept the limitations imposed by media, Instagram or by my own fears about aging. I used to be really nervous to go to an exercise class and be one of the oldest in the room. I would assume that the younger girls and/or the teacher were looking at me thinking "why is that old lady here." Let's be honest, they probably didn't even notice me. So much of how we live our life is based on our attitude and it shows in our actions, our bodies and on our faces. When I quit worrying about how others viewed me and focused on how I felt about myself, a change started to happen. Now, when I go to an exercise class and am one of the oldest in the room, I look forward to being called out for good form and strength and hope that my confidence helps others in the class to feel strong and capable.

The same is true about food,and diet. Our attitude about diet and health has changed dramatically. 30 years ago, people ate what was advertised on television and sold to us at the market without question. Can you imagine serving Chef Boyardee, canned green beans and white bread with margarine to your children today? We approach our diet and health from an entirely different perspective, one of longevity and responsibility. We are supremely aware of toxins, non-GMO, plant-based options, gluten-free, dairy-free, raw, organic and sustainability. Our choices and attitudes are changing industries.

So it is no surprise that today, we don't look, act or feel like our parents or grandparents did at the same age we are now. Our grandparents didn't go to pilates or yoga. They didn't search out organic ingredients or practice Whole 30 or even know what gluten-free was so, no, I do not accept the definition that was used by my grandparents or parents to define this same age. It really is just a number. You can accept the predefined social definitions, or you can create your own!


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