Can Social Media Be Good For Your Mental Health?

There are many articles about social media and mental health, both positive and negative. My perspective on this topic is perhaps not the mainstream view. I look at social media, specifically Instagram and blogs, as a way to create a flow of information that fills my life with positivity. Like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I choose to follow accounts like @thegoodquote, @vybesource,, @robdialjr, @millanasnow, @resilientlittlehearts, @gabbybernstein (I am a super fan!!), @werenotreallystrangers, just a few examples of accounts that always lift me up, make me smile and give my day a boost. Because I am a goofball, I also love animal accounts like @juniperfoxx, @thisgirlisasquirrel and @thegentlebarn, they always bring a smile.

I can see how following accounts that make you feel less than, whether that feeling is rooted in how you look, the clothes you wear, the home you live in or how much money you have can be damaging. I believe that we each have a responsibility to ourselves in what we follow and why. If it makes you feel badly about yourself or you feel the need to compare yourself, unfollow.

My goal with @beautyinaging is to bring a smile to your face, to lift you up and help you to feel strong and capable, to see the unique beauty within yourself and that you bring to this world and sometimes to make you stop and think about something from a new perspective. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with me?


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