Fall in California

In California, October/November is fire season. I don't mean that in a flippant or insensitive way, it is literally 90 degrees and windy and now an annual occurrence thanks to our utility companies. When I scroll through Instagram and see fall photos like @theeverygirl photo below as part of their #theeverygirlinfall hashtag by @kattanita, it makes me envious of a very different fall from the one we have in California.

Los Angeles and Sonoma have been on fire in the past few weeks and we are coming up on the anniversary of the Malibu and Paradise fires. @mariashriver wrote in her Sunday Paper this weekend about her experience of being evacuated due to one of the fires in Los Angeles and ultimately how showing another human being that you care can be such a profound gift. So while I am envious of the changing leaves and pumpkins and apple picking adventures taking place around the country, I am also extremely proud of the resilience of those affected by the fires and deeply grateful for those who fight the fires.



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