Gabby Bernstein - Literally Changed Lives

I know I've talked a lot about Gabby Bernstein, but Tuesday night at her Book Tour event, took my fangirl level to a new all time high. If you have listened to any of her talks on You Tube or her audio books, she is a very real person. She writes and speaks about what she has experienced, addiction, judgment, postpartum depression, and what has helped her in her life. She doesn't pretend that it is easy work to do or that your life will be all cupcakes and kumbaya, but she's in it with you. She walks the walk and talks the talk.

Gabby Bernstein Super Attractor Book Tour LA

Gabby began her talk by describing how this particular book, Super Attractor was born, quite literally, during her pregnancy and completed the day she went into labor. She shared personal stories and again, pulling us tighter into her friend circle. She put aside time for Q&A, even though her team discouraged it because it tends to run long on time. People lined up at microphones to ask Gabby questions. There was one woman who, when it was her turn, was choking back tears and trying to pull herself together to ask her question. Gabby was patient and gracious telling her to take her time, her question was important. The woman proceeded to ask Gabby if she would perform a tapping to help her break her codependency with her parents. (Like acupuncture or acupressure, tapping is a technique to stimulate the meridian points on the body by tapping them and releasing the body's own energy and healing power). Gabby began the tapping and we all tapped along. As she would tap a certain area she would make a statement and the woman at microphone would repeat the statement. At one point, Gabby tapped and said "I am loved" and the woman at the microphone could not repeat the words. Her tears overtook her and we were all overwhelmed with how much pain this woman was in. Others in the audience began to sob and you could quite literally feel their pain but also the collective feeling of love and support. I was in awe of how Gabby managed this very emotionally overwhelming situation with grace and dignity for everyone in the room. Obviously, the Q&A session is here to stay for all of Gabby's future events.

She ended the evening with a meditation while playing the music that was playing when her son Oliver was born into the world. The tears and emotions were flowing throughout the room. I was a fan before. I have read her books and binge watched her talks, I follow her on Instagram and am a Spirit Junkie and Miracle Member, but seeing her in person, I am absolutely in awe of her. She was able to touch every person in that theater in a deep and meaningful way and truly change lives. I literally left the theater feeling like a changed person and also feeling so honored to have been a part of such an incredible evening.



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