Game Players

We are a very serious game playing family. It started when the kids were young. We would play Guess Who, Battleship and card games for hours. Pretty, Pretty, Princess was another favorite, even for the boys! We never just let the kids win. We taught them how to think strategically, how to be patient and think things through and how satisfying it was to win honestly. Now that everyone is grown, it makes me laugh that we all have board game cupboards in our houses that are packed full and host game nights.

We are avid fans of the Spiel des Jahres (German for Game of the Year) award. This is an annual award for the best board and card games. Past Winners (and some of our favorites) have been Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Code Names, King Domino, and Azul. If you are looking for some games to try, these are all highly recommended and there are children's versions of many of them. We all have our favorites, ones that we excel at and ones that we can't ever seem to win and each year we have new ones to try!



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