Grace vs Frankie

I am a huge fan of all things that create a spiritual connection. Palo Santo (spiritual purification and energy cleansing), singing bowls (used in sound baths, meditation with vibrational sounds which reduce blood pressure and pulse rate and brings a sense of peace and tranquility), angel cards (affirmations/directional cards), Gabby Bernstein Super Attractor cards (my new favorite), crystals (my favorite is amethyst, spiritual protection creating a shield from negative energy and enhances intuition) and of course candles.

A dear friend gave me these Grace and Frankie prayer candles. I think they are hysterical. We tease each other that someday we may be Grace and Frankie and go back and forth between who is Grace and who is Frankie. I love and appreciate that she honored my path with humour and fun!

Not everyone has or will embrace a spiritual path. For me, it has given me a profound sense of meaning for my life and tremendous peace when dealing with really hard life issues. Whether you are on a spiritual path or think this is whole lot of hooey, I hope you can at least laugh at the Grace and Frankie prayer candles. In the back and forth of who is Grace and who is Frankie, apparently today, I am Frankie!


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