Half Baked Harvest Super Fan!

I love to entertain. I love every aspect of entertaining from setting the scene to planning the food and drink to choosing the guests. My goal is always for everyone to feel comfortable and happy and want to stay for hours and hours! For years, I hosted a Happy Hour every Friday afternoon. The door was always open to whoever could make it. Sometimes there were 3 of us and sometimes there were 30 of us. I started following Half Baked Harvest, Tieghan Gerard a few years ago. Her cookbooks and her Instagram feed (@halfbakedharvest) are wonderful resources. Reading through them, she has an amazing ability to create a connection with her readers and give you the feeling that you are a friend in her home. Nothing is fussy or difficult, her tables and recipes are approachable and achievable, not to mention drop dead gorgeous. I haven't made any of her recipies yet that I haven't absolutely loved. My recipies collection folder is crammed full of her recipies!

I'm not hosting Christmas this year, but I am planning to make these cute gingerbread place cookies (is that a term? I guess it is now!). Now that my children are all grown, we have started a fun tradition of getting an AirBnB somewhere for a few days after Christmas to celebrate the holidays with just us. We laugh and play board games, I cook and we thoroughly enjoy our time together. This is truly treasured time, just my little family, all together in one place. I am so appreciative that we all make this time a priority, it is truly magical. We've got some food intolerances to manage and I am prepping for Whole30, so I am planning to make her Coq au Vin Chicken Meatballs with Browned Butter Mashed Potatoes (browned butter for some, going to try to browned vegan butter for those of us who are no dairy). How amazing does this look?

If you are hosting anything this holiday season and need some inspiration head to her Instagram. Enjoy!



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