Halfway Through Whole30!

I am halfway through Whole30 today. I'm really proud and happy to report that this experience so far has been a good one. I thought I would share with you what I feel has helped me to be successful:

1. I set reasonable expectations. I knew this would be hard and I was ready to fight through hard to accomplish this goal. I had a plan for traveling/going out. I had a plan for ordering in restaurants. I had a plan for being in the office. I haven't been in any circumstances that put me in a position to fail. Even the Atlanta airport at 5am - I had a plan.

2. I've kept it really simple. I have not done any elaborate meal planning and have eaten really raw, fresh food. I have started reading labels and it is crazy how sugar is literally in everything! Being on Whole30 has really upped my awareness of how much sugar we consume without even realizing it.

3. Repetition. I have a very high tolerance for repetition, like I have had the same thing for dinner for 2 weeks now. It works, it's easy and it tastes good! It also makes shopping very easy. This might not be for everyone, but if you can tolerate repetition, this does make it much easier.

4. Weight loss is an added bonus. I'm not sure how much, if any, weight I have lost, but I started this for reasons other than weight loss, so any weight loss is a bonus. I have been focused on better understanding my body. I am learning when I get hungry and when I get full and how different foods affect me and how. I was having some digestion issues prior to Whole30 - those are now gone.

5. I set the intention to be successful. This one is really important. When you set an intention it is a contract with yourself. Breaking Whole30 is not an option. I am confident that I will be successful at this and I am all in.

A couple of highlights:

I feel more cognitively aware. I had been feeling some brain fogginess and would lose words mid-sentence, that is now gone.

My skin does seem more glowy and has a very even texture.

I am sleeping better! I wake in the morning feeling very rested and ready for the day. I do not love to get up in the morning, but it has much easier recently.

Digestive issues are gone. I had been carrying antacid with me and taking them constantly, no more!

I am seriously considering staying on this program for 90 days. Taking it one day at a time, but 90 - I think I'm coming for you!


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