HALO Auragraphic Photos

I have spent 2019 immersing myself in spiritual discovery. I have learned multiple breathwork techniques, settled into a daily meditation practice and been certified in Reiki healing. I will deepen my practice in 2020 by going to Costa Rica in April to participate in an immersion/training in Energy Healing, Breathwork and Meditation and will be certified by an amazing and inspirational healer, Millana Snow. Energy healing is based in physical science and rooted in Eastern medicine. In a nutshell, each of us has an electromagnetic field surrounding us. Energy healers work with this energy field to bring it into homeostatis/balance. Reiki is commonly offered in many hospitals and medical centers worldwide.

I discovered HALO Auragraphic "an exploration of energy, color and human consciousness through a specialized photographic process that reads the human energy field and translates it into color on special analog film." Michael and Sharon own and operate HALO Auragraphic in Los Angeles and Brooklyn and have traveled across the country and around the world sharing this special experience.

I had my first auragraphic photo taken in May. Sharon manages the reservations and pace of the day, greets you when you arrive and walks you through what to expect. She is a quiet and kind person who sets the tone for open mindedness. Michael takes the photo and then explains the meaning of the colors to you. Together, they are a peaceful, thoughtful and incredibly special couple. "Our energy, like our lives, is moving and changing and is affected by literally everything around us," Michael said. "Some auras change frequently and others stay pretty much the same over long periods of time." My auragraphic photo is primarily green and blue with crystal around my head. The meanings behind these colors are:

Green - healing, teaching, organized, entrepreneurial, highly intelligent, driven, successful, perfectionists, empowers others, ability to accomplish goals;

Blue - loving, nurturing, compassionate, sensitive, forgiving, loyal, spiritual, emotional depth, teaching, caretakers of people and the planet.

Crystal - gifted healer, highly spiritual, quiet, sensitive, one with nature, adaptable, highly intuitive, loves simplicity, meditative, calming.

Having this photo taken and Michael's explanation of the colors in my aura helped to confirm for me that I was on the right path spiritually and to take the next step to be certified in Reiki.

If you are open to this and get the chance to have your auragraphic photo taken, I highly recommend it. Follow Michael and Sharon on their instagram @haloauragraphic for times and availability.


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