Holy Triangle

Updated: Jun 15

This past year, I have immersed myself in the teachings of Gabby Bernstein. I have read or listened to almost all of her books, have a Miracle Membership (monthly meditations and Facebook group) and have signed up for her Manifesting Challenge and her course Finally Full both beginning in January. I am so grateful for her teachings, her authenticity and thoughtful guidance and most importantly for the peace that her teachings have brought into my life.

One of the practices that I learned from Gabby that I want to share with you is the Holy Triangle. This practice has made a tremendous difference in my life. You can make your triangle out of anything you like, or use something that you already have that is in the shape of a triangle. I made mine out of Palo Santo wood which is known for spiritual purification and energy cleansing. Each side of the triangle has a meaning: faith, love, and charity. For my triangle, I added an element of positivity, so the meanings for my Holy Triangle are: faith, love and hope.

Here is the practice:

1. Write down, on a small piece of paper, something that you are worried about or that you desire and place it in the holy triangle. Say a silent prayer to surrender it to the Universe. Placing your worry/desire into the holy triangle tells the Universe that you know that is being taken care of.

2. Leave your worry/desire in the triangle for a week.

3. At the end of the week, remove the piece of paper and safely burn it. The act of burning the paper symbolizes your faith and trust that your worry/desire is being supported.

4. Turn it over once and for all and know that your request is being heard.

Make sure not to place the same worry/desire back into the holy triangle, that would imply that you didn't trust that it was being taken care of. These four steps will greatly help you surrender what worries you/what you think you need and embrace what is of the highest good for all. Read that again "embracing what is of the highest good for all." This is now a mantra for me.

One of Gabby's favorite books, A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman says, “Each small step will clear a little of the darkness away. Surrender offers you this kind of serenity. When you practice surrender, you’ll begin to lean on a power greater than you. In time you’ll know it’s always there, and you’ll rely on it."


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