Just an ordinary day.

The loss of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi is one of those events that makes you stop and evaluate how you are living your life. They were on their way to a basketball game. Just a normal Sunday, doing what they had done hundreds of times before. It's the ordinariness of taking your child to their sporting event that highlights the uncomfortable uncertainty of life. When September 11 happened, my children were young and I was on my way to the airport for a day trip to the Bay Area. Just a normal, ordinary day. September 11 made me stop and think about our morning routine that day. Had we been kind to each other? Had we rushed through breakfast and getting ready for the day? Had we been sincere when we said "goodbye, I love you' at school drop-off? Did my children feel how much I love them when we left each other? I vowed that I would never part with my children again, without sincerely saying goodbye to each other, to make sure that if something did happen to any of us, there would be no regrets about the last time that we spoke to each other.

The loss of Kobe, his daughter GigI, the Altobelli family, the Chester family, Christina Mauser and Ara Zobayan who all died in the crash is an opportunity for all of us to slow down, truly understand the fragility of life and to work hard to insure that the people who are most important to us have not only heard our loving words, but also felt them.


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