Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper Dinner Club, Want to Join?

One of my favorite things each week is Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper which arrives in my inbox on Sunday mornings. The masthead reads "News & Views Above the Noise" and "Inspiring Hearts & Minds. Moving Humanity Forward." Each week, she digs into a topic that is not necessarily a comfortable one and brings a thoughtful and unique perspective to it. She is surprisingly normal, someone I feel connected to and that I could be friends with. She doesn't carry the "Kennedy aura" with her or come off as elitist in any way. Her goal is to make things better, to move them forward and to bring people together.

This week's Sunday Paper introduced something that I absolutely love! Sunday Paper Dinner Club. Each week, she will send a "meaningful conversation starter" and a recipe. The goal is to inspire people to come together, have meaningful conversations, and find common ground. I don't know about you, but for me, having a dinner with all of the generations of our family has become very contentious. We have off limits topics and don't even think about it subjects. We have been "agreeing to disagree" but there is some real damage that is being done with everyone in their corners with their dukes up. Our country is polarized around politics,which has managed to wrap itself around our values as well. Conversations can quickly devolve into sides being drawn and it has become difficult for either side to not only accept but even listen to the opposite point of view. Perhaps Sunday Paper Dinner Club is our path to finding common ground.

The Ingredients of a Meaningful Dinner: 1) Set an intention. 2) Say Grace. 3) Serve healthy food. 4) Start talking. 5) Be open minded and listen.

This week's conversation starter: you want to hear an opposing view, so how would you start a conversation with someone about an issue you know you differ on?

If we keep surrounding ourselves with people who agree with us and the information we want to hear, we will simply continue to further the divide. Politics is one thing, but allowing that divide to seep into our families and friendships is quite another. What do you think?

Go to: to sign up!


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