New is Uncomfortable

New is always uncomfortable. Whether it is a new you are excitedly embracing or a new that has embraced you, it is awkward and uncomfortable to begin with. Patience, to allow the newness to wear off and confidence in the new to set in is a tricky thing. When is new the wrong direction and when is the clarity on new just not quite palpable yet?

I have experienced a lot of new in my life. Some I eagerly embraced and some, not my choice. I have tried to look at new/change as an opportunity rather than a negative and to learn from the experience. This hasn’t always been easy, but focusing on the experience and opportunity rather than negativity helped me to understand whether I was moving in the direction I wanted to go in. That is not to say that there were not tears, loss of sleep and a boatload of fear, it just means I persevered. 

I recently read and loved Marie Forleo’s latest book “Everything is Figuroutable.” I love this concept, it makes new, change or challenge manageable. Two quotes from the book that resonated strongly with me are: “We live in a highly intelligent and responsive universe. Whether you’re aware of the process or not, you’re co-creating your reality through the thoughts, words, and behaviors you choose minute but minute, hour by hour, day by day” and “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” This book is an easy read and very easily applied. You’ve got this - you can do it!


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