Old Dogs and New Tricks - 5 Makeup Tricks

Makeup. It's been around forever and yet, it is all new. We began by playing in our mother's makeup, we've been wearing makeup for years, and yet, for most of us, it's something we do, but don't feel like we're very masterful at. Contouring , bronzer, highlighter, false lashes, lash extensions, it can be overwhelming. I work really hard to achieve the effortless makeup look. Unfortunately, it usually looks like I haven't tried at all. Makeup just shouldn't be that complicated!

I have been working with an amazing woman who is a professional makeup artist and provides a service where she will shop with me for the right products for my skin and coloring and also provide a tutorial on how to achieve the less is more makeup look I strive for (DM me for contact info). She did my makeup for this picture and it's exactly what I wanted. I look polished and not like I have a ton of makeup on.

Here are five tricks that she has taught me:

1. Choose a foundation with warm undertones. Cool undertones will leave you looking grey and ashy - no one's goal!

2. Use a primer before foundation to help fill in tiny lines. I use the ELF line - it stands for Eyes, Lip, Face and was founded on the principle that beauty products do not have to be expensive to be good quality. Primer gives you that polished look.

3. This one is a game changer - wet your beauty blender before applying foundation. If you don't use a beauty blender, use one and if you do use one, wet it before use (instruction to wet it is actually in the packaging that we all threw away). I use ELF Illuminating Primer Mist. Using a damp beauty blender allows you to apply foundation without streaks and to achieve the dewy look. Press and roll the damp beauty blender. Using the press and roll technique, first and foremost does not pull on your delicate facial skin. Secondly, the press and roll technique gives you truly blended coverage. It takes a bit longer than just swiping it on, but the results are worth it.

4. Fill in and shape your brows. But, before you do, use a wet Q-tip to remove any foundation that has settled into your brows from application. Filling in and shaping your brows frames your face. They may seem insignificant, but Google no eyebrows images - it's astonishing how important they are!

5. If you are over 35, do not use anything with shimmer in it. Eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, eye pencil, etc. The shimmer settles into fine lines and wrinkles and magnifies them! I know, the sparkly ones are hard to resist, but be strong!


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