Ready or not, start!

Fear is a primary emotion. It is our internal warning system rooted in survival. But fear does not always serve us well. Fear can also be paralyzing, inhibiting our ability to try new things or keeping us from taking that leap of faith.

I have always said, it's called a leap of faith for a reason, not a baby step of faith. Finding the faith in yourself, whether you feel ready or not is imperative. There have been many people in history who have been quoted on this topic. Pablo Picasso said "Action is the foundational key to all success." Zig Ziglar said "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." The reason I use these historical quotes is because fear to start is nothing new. Thankfully, we are more open today to talk about fear and having a tool box with strategies to help conquer our fears.

I saw the founders of Baby2Baby speak last weekend at Blogher20 Health. They told an amazing story about when they first got started and got a call from a diaper company that wanted to donate a 100,000 diapers and asked if they had pallets to receive them. They said "yes of course" and then hurriedly Googled what pallets were and scrambled to receive the donation. They didn't let fear get in their way and that donation gave their phenomenal organization the start that has paved the way to now having given 70 million basic essentials to babies and families in need.

"You must disobey the voice in your head that says I'm not ready yet"" is advice from Marie Forleo. Remember that fear is rooted in survival, starting something new is not a threat to our survival, but a foundational step in creating our future.


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