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Thank you for reminding me why ...

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Life. Family. Friends. It's messy. It's imperfect. But, it is also in the messy, complicated, imperfection that we find how to navigate our world and to identify who we truly are. When someone we love says or does something that hurts us, slices us to the bone, it is an opportunity to take a breath and determine who are you going to be in your reaction. Maybe it is age/maturity or maybe it is a lot of complicated life behind me, but I can finally embrace taking the breath before reacting. Something that has been immensely helpful to me is that when someone does or says something hurtful, I now take a breath and say to myself "thank you for reminding me why ..." with many variable endings to this statement. "Thank you for reminding me why I limit my time with this person." "Thank you for reminding me why this person is no longer in my life." "Thank you for reminding me that this is who this person is and they will always be this way." "Thank you for reminding why the only thing I can control is my reaction." "Thank you for reminding me why it is important to protect my heart from this person." I used to waste an ENORMOUS amount of time trying to fix or change the person/situation. This simple reminder statement allows me to peacefully acknowledge the hurt, but not allow it into my world. The reason why is not wrapped in anger or retribution. The reason why is your path to finding your own peace in a messy, imperfect, complicated world.