UTIs - Let's Get Real

So here is some not great news - UTIs, as we age, everyone gets them, frequently. So, if you are younger than 50ish, get ready - it's coming for you and if you are 50ish or older, why is no one talking about this?

I was at my annual appointment and my doctor casually mentions "you have a UTI, I'll prescribe antibiotics". He goes on to explain that as women age, our estrogen levels drop which causes our vaginal Ph to change allowing for bad bacteria to thrive. Lower estrogen also contributes to thinning of the vaginal tissue due to collagen loss which helps maintain moisture in our hoo hahs resulting in frequent UTIs. And then he goes on again about the antibiotics. So I'm kind of pissed when I leave the office. I don't want to take antibiotics. I am not cool with frequent UTIs and why don't I know about this? So I called a friend who said, yes, frequent UTIs. I called another friend, also yes, frequent UTIs. I called my mother, again, yes, frequent UTIs and now I am really pissed. Why is this just a thing that happens and why is everyone just taking antibiotics?

So I went looking for alternatives to antibiotics. I started with natural therapies such as cranberry supplements. Cranberry juice has a ton of sugar and calories, even the light versions, so I tried Love Wellness's UTI Don't Think So. It contains PAC, or proanthocyanidins, a nutrient found in cranberry fruit extract. Love Wellness is dedicated to women's wellness, started by Lo Bosworth from The Hills TV show who is now known as "The Vagina Lady". The focus is on natural OB/GYN recommended personal care (to take care down there) and total body care products with a mission to modernize an archaic category. I also started taking their Good to Glow product which contains Vitamins C and E, collagen and ashwaganda for healthy, glowing skin. I am hoping the collagen travels down below as well as to my skin!

Let's talk about these kinds of things so that we can all be better informed and make healthy, natural choices about how to take care of our bodies. What do you think?



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