When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Bad things happen to good people and for those they happen to and those around them, it can be paralyzing. For the person going through the trauma, reaching out and exposing vulnerability can be difficult. For those around the person going through the trauma, the balance between being supportive and being intrusive is a fine line to walk. I have always struggled with how to "be there." I have settled on the following words to be my guide:

There's no right way to express grief, loss or bad news ... and it's okay to not be okay. When you want to talk, share memories, express your fears, cry, laugh, scream, or just sit quietly, I'm here and I care.

These words keep me in my lane, because it is not about me, and gives my friend the opportunity to engage on their terms. Do you struggle with how to be there when something bad happens to someone you love? How do you deal with it?


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