Whole30, Day 1

I started Whole30 yesterday. I am taking a very different approach to Whole30 success. While I followed the advice in the book to a) build a support team; b) get my house ready (this was actually a bit terrifying to clean out the cupboard, fridge and freezer - there was a lot of junk and I had a very serious cheese problem, the one I am most excited about is c) plan for success. I am a habitual/social eater. I don't really ever get hungry. I never eat breakfast, but if a friend wants to meet for breakfast, I'm in! I eat because it's lunchtime or friends are meeting for lunch. I live by myself, so I've gotten into some really bad habits like peanut butter and jelly or ordering out because it is hard to cook for one because, portion control my biggest issue and I don't like leftovers. I am doing Whole30 to really learn from a healthy perspective, how to manage hunger, food choices, how my body responds to lack of and reintroduction of foods and also to prove to myself that I can do it. While it's very restrictive in what you cannot consume, I am choosing to focus on what I can have, like potatoes. I literally only buy potatoes for Thanksgiving, so I am excited that I can have potatoes on Whole30. I can tolerate repetition well, so my plan for success is simplicity, not meal planning. I can eat the same thing for dinner every night for a week, no problem. I plan to eat as raw as possible so that I don't have to read labels. I don't eat meat, so eggs will be my new best friend, which happens to go well with potatoes! I am considering staying on Whole30 beyond the 30 days, maybe 45 or 90 days to completely immerse myself and truly change my lifestyle. I did take the recommended before picture which is hidden safely in my phone and I am excited to not weigh myself or count calories. I used to lose weight easily, but that has been elusive as of late, so maybe this will jump start my metabolism. Day 1 is in the books and I'm excited to do this! Is anyone else doing or has done Whole30? Any advice?


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