Whole30 Day 29

I started Whole30 on January 6, so I am on day 29 today and I've decided to stick with it and set my sites on Whole60! I am feeling healthy and leaner or maybe depuffed is a better description. I am empowered by the control I have over my habits and choices and am proud that I haven't broken my promise to myself. Eating out has been a challenge however. I went with a group of friends to a chinese restaurant and asked the waiter to promise not to laugh when I ordered wonton soup, minus the wontons and soy and added veggies. He didn't laugh, just looked a little confused. The soup was great! In the next 31 days, I really want to focus on eating out and how to manage it without being difficult within a group or for the server/kitchen. I live in California, so restaurants are pretty accommodating and already have vegan and paleo options to work with so that I am not completely rearranging the menu.

While Whole30 at home has been easy to manage and stick to, I want to figure out how to make eating out equally manageable. I love beautiful restaurants with great friends and don't plan to cut that out of my life. Like Marie Forleo says "everything is figureoutable!"


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